Monday, November 27, 2006

Alabama BS

Hello everyone......sorry for the lay off. Things have been pretty busy around here with Miss Savannah. She is growing like a weed, and has already outgrown some of her first sleepers. Lynn is doing great also. She came off of her blood pressure medicine and is doing great!

Switching gears for moment......I got back to town this afternoon and walked in one of my accounts in Tuscaloosa, only to see a big headline on the newspaper: "Shula Fired." By the time I got home, 3 names had been mentioned on the radio as possible replacements......Steve Spurrier, Greg Schiano, and Nick Saban.

After swerving back into the lane due to my uncontrollable laughter, it was a vivid reminder of one of the reasons myself and my brother despise the joke of a program that is Alabama Football. He and I are both LSU fans. But we also grew up in Tuscaloosa, and pull for the Tide. I honestly want to see them do well. By all means, the Alabama fans deserve something good after the last five years of fiascos.

The problem is that for some odd reason, the Alabama athletic department and the media surrounding it believe that the head coaching job at Alabama is God's gift to all head coaches in existence. If anything, it is exactly the opposite. First of all, if you don't win immediately, you will be fired. Now, this is true for a lot of programs, but typically there is some development time, especially after NCAA sanctions. BUT would bring someone in who has head coaching experience. Bama didn't follow this one. I think I'll let Matt finish this.......

As for the the possible replacements.......Spurrier: loves South Carolina, golf, and the freedom he has there. Besides, he already got the jewel from Tuscaloosa, Chris Smelley.

Schiano....Rutgers man; if he goes anywhere, it would be Miami.

And Saban......this one was probably the funniest. He has already denied being interested at a press conference, yet he is on every local news station as a possible replacement. Again, I refer to Matt......

Best shot: probably Jim Grobe of Wake Forest.

The point is that these names get brought up like they would just jump ship just to have the opportunity to coach at Alabama. This is the arrogance that is such a turnoff. As much as I want to see Alabama do well, they need to start at the top.....i.e. MAL Moore, and all of "Bear's Boys". They got rid of Shula, but after all of these years, they still have a major MALfunction.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Uncle Jaynes

On Sunday, Uncle Jaynes of the Oz and Jaynes Acoustic Band made a trip to Tuscaloosa to see Miss Savannah for the first time. He initially would not agree to hold her saying that she was too small; but then eventually gave in, as long as she was safe on the pillow.

Check out a few more pics on the Oz and Jaynes Blog:

Savannah and Her Granmomma

This is a great picture taken by Lynn of Savannah and my mother. Mother has been with us since we came home from the hospital, and has been a tremendous help while Lynn is still struggling with blood pressure issues.
By the way, Lynn is trying out her third blood pressure medicine and it is working much better.
We allowed mother (Mary Ann) to go home to Fairhope to see Richard this past weekend. She is back for a few days to help out while Lynn gets better. Thank You!
I also need to thank Momma Mason for staying a few days last week. She was also a tremendous help.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Savannah's First Halloween

Costumes!! The choices were a pumpkin, or Yoda. The Yoda outfit was an accident that Lynn made one night while pulling off her undershirt. Very cute!