Saturday, March 03, 2007

Miss Photogenic

As we take more and more pics, there are always a couple that stick out as my favorites. This is the latest one that I think is great.

New Savannah Pics

It has been a while since I have updated, so I will try to get you up to speed....

Savannah is growing like a weed. At her most recent doctor visit, her weight was up to 12lbs, 15 ozs. I am sure she is over 13 now. She is laughing, smiling, and noticing a lot more things. She has really come alive over the last month and a half. Here are some new pics and some a few new things we have done.....

"The Bath."
This will require a post of its own.
Savannah's first stroller ride. I really like the hat.
Sexy mommy strolling around with Savannah.
Savannah getting some tummy time. This is not her favorite position, but she seems to do better everytime we try it.

One of Savannah's many photo shoots. This childs life will be well documented thanks to mommy, granmomma, and momma mason.