Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Little Fish

Osborn Vacation 2007 Pics

From July 7 to July 14, the majority of my family were able to come for a week long vacation in Gulf Shores. We stayed at a large beach house in the Martinique subdivision on Ft. Morgan road. It was a great trip!! Although, Lynn and I were unaware how busy a beach trip can be with a baby! But Savannah was a trooper.....she played in her play yard on the beach and surprisingly, she liked salt water. The trip included the following: Derek, Lynn, and Savannah Osborn from Tuscaloosa; Gary and Denise Osborn, Tuscaloosa; Megan Gilbert, Tuscaloosa; Craig and Baylor Osborn, Gadsden; Granny Jean Osborn, Attalla; Rhonda and Camille Campbell, Chattanooga, TN; and Matt, Kerrie, and Karlyle Osborn from San Antonio, TX.

Below are some pics from the trip....I will post more later including some really crazy pics taken the last day, along with a couple of videos.

Gary, Matt, Derek, and Craig.

Savannah tasting a cheeto for the first time.

Gary, Rhonda, and Craig.

Me, Lynn, and Savannah on the beach.

I took this picture as we were trying to find a place to take a family pic. It was not intended to be one to keep, but it actually turned out really cool. This is Gary (dad), Matt, and Craig on the front porch of the house.

Savannah learned to wave on the trip. She was waving hello to everyone.

Poppa Gary, Granny D, and Savannah....those eyes are killing me.
Rhonda and Camille (who is moving to Tuscaloosa to go to UA this fall!!)
Rhonda and Savannah having a discussion about sand.

Craig, Camille, and Matt hanging on the beach.
Karlyle playing Kadima.
Megan trying to keep up with her.
Megan and all her boys.
Savannah waving again
The whole crew on the beach.
Savannah thirsty on the beach.
Karlyle and Poppa Gary build a sandcastle.
This pic of Baylor cracks me up.
Me, Poppa Gary, and Savannah in the ocean.

Lynn with Karlyle and Savannah
Savannah got a fish bowl from Karlyle that plays music and has plastic fish. Needless to say, it was a big hit.
Mommy and Daddy get ready to leave for a quiet dinner.
Camille and Karlyle having a nice quiet time on the couch.....
And then Baylor CRASHES in!! Hilarious.

Vacation Picture Day

On the last full day of the trip, we all dressed up and had pictures made in front of the house in Martinique...........

Lynn and Savannah
Matt and Kerrie
Rhonda and Granny Jean
Me, Lynn, and Squirmy
Granny Jean and the kids.

Denise and Megan

The brothers and their girls
Gary, Denise, and Megan
Gary and Uncle Craig
Craig and Baylor
All of Granny Jeans grandkids and great grandkids

Four Generations
Me and Sav
Matt, Kerrie, and Karlyle
The whole group (normal)
The whole group (weirdo's)