Sunday, November 09, 2008

4 States and a District Later, Two New Babies Join the Family

Around 8 months ago, Lynn and I found out that both her sister and my brother were expecting new babies. Even more crazy was that they were both due within a week of each other. And here we are with two new babies in one week...... both healthy and happy. One boy, one girl. One Monday, one Friday.

Emily Guin came first in Rome, Georgia on Monday, November 3, 2008.
Check out the post below on Emily.
Four days later, Carter Osborn was born in Alexandria, Virginia on Friday, November 7, 2008. Here is Poppa Gary holding his new grandson.

Dad and I arrived on Saturday just in time to accompany Carter in watching his first LSU game, which also happened to be his first Alabama game. Fortunately for him, he slept through most of it. It was bad on both sides.
For more pics and video, check out Matt's blog..... it is awesome.
Back in T-Town tomorrow to see my girls....... hasta.

Savannah's 2nd Birthday Party and Pics

First of all, lets start with the ridiculous......

The first pic is of all of the beautiful (and plentiful) gifts that Savannah got for her birthday. Of course, they are all appreciated and she has enjoyed everything you see here. We appreciate everyone that came to the party and/or sent gifts. But seriously..... I am glad we got a bigger house.

The pile of gifts...... looks more like Christmas.
The fishing was a big hit at the party.... here is Savo and Natalie looking at a catfish in the bucket (we threw him back).

Uncle Ron helps Brady with the fish he caught.

Pasha and the elusive Mary Hollis (she temporarily went missing later in the evening).

Savo explaining something.

The "jumpy thing" as it was named by Savannah was a big hit. Thanks to Pasha and Brian for lending it to us.

Savannah showing off her gifts.

Savannah and Natalie

Almost all of the girls

Peace out..... the party was done. We were tired.

Me and Savo

The day before Savo's party, Lynn and I hired a photographer to take her 2nd birthday pics. These are some that Granmomma caught as the shoot was going on. I really like this one.

This is Savannah about to say "no no no!"
This is Savannah finishing saying "no no no!"
The fam in the backyard.

Savo and Lynn
Lynn made the beautiful headband Savo is wearing (she has also gotten really good at making hair bows.... look for them at a store near you).

"Go dis way."

These pics were taken in Gulf Shores..... Savo shares her mommy and daddys love for the beach.

More pics soon...... thanks for checking in on us!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Welcome Carter Matthew Osborn

Two babies in one week!!

Meet Carter Matthew Osborn.... born this morning. Weighs 7lbs, 7ozs and 19 inches long. Congratulations Matt, Kerrie, Morgan, and Karlyle (and Granmomma).

The Christmas list grew a lot longer this week. More pics soon!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Welcome Emily Guin

On Monday, Nov. 3 at 1:13 p.m. EST, Emily Madison Guin was born at Floyd Medical Center in Rome, Georgia. She weighed 7 lbs, 12 ozs. Below are some pics from the trip. I wil post a few more later, as well as pics from Savannah's Birthday party. Congratulations to Mark and Pam!

Moments before arrival, Mark and Pam share a final quiet moment.

And whammo....... welcome Emily!

Uncle Ron and Poo
Savannah was saying "hello little baby"
The sisters and Emily

Doesn't Lynn look like she is ready for another one?I have been called the "Crazy Uncle" or "Crazy Man." I'm sure there are other names they don't tell me about.
I really like this one of Ronnie and Linda.

The Mason clan.

The Guin clan.
Morris, Mary Ellen, and Emily.

Poo and baby

Natalie pets the new addition.
Daddy....... again.

Big yawn...... the baby already sleeps more than Savannah.
First peek of the crazy world.

Thats all for now...... more later! We got plenty with the new camera.