Friday, May 30, 2008

Beach Trip '08 Update

We are getting packed and preparing to come back to T-Town. See Parts 4-7 below. I know there will be some jealous Grandfathers when they see Pt. 6. We had a great time....thanks for the interest in the blog by the way. A lot of folks have called and said "More Pics!" We'll be home Saturday for a trip to the grocery store and a lot of grass cutting. Talk to you all soon!

Beach Trip '08, Pt. 7: Bye Bye Beach

Here are a few pics from our last day on the beach. Savannah was a trooper and had a ball. Lynn, Mom and I had a great time together and with her.

Lynn and Sav.....yes, Lynn is wearing an LSU shirt.

Lynn took these pics of the beach landscapes....very nice.

Sav said "I Da Beach" when she was ready to go play in the sand.

Cute.....the towel is nice too. Thanks Granmomma!
Worn out.

Friday evening, we took Savannah down to take a few more pics. The ones of her and Lynn are great.

Then we said Bye-Bye Beach and Bye-Bye Pool.

Beach Trip '08, Pt. 6: The Blue Angels

Since we have been at the beach, Savannah has gone absolutely crazy when a plane or helicopter has flown by. We decided to take her to see the Blue Angels practice at the Pensacola Naval Base beside the museum on Friday morning. Here are some pics....I will post some pretty cool video when we get back to Tuscaloosa.

We were standing right beside the landing strip and the security guys gave out American Flags to wave as the Angels landed. These are some classic pics of Savannah.

Savannah stood out by the strip as the Blue Angels landed. Of course, she kept giving the "more" signal while trying to hold the flag.
This is Sav waving "bye-bye" to the planes.
She really had a great time.

Beach Trip '08, Pt. 5: Picture Night

Of course, every trip has a picture night and Thursday night after the Marina was it. Here are a few of what we got. Savannah was hilarious......

This one cracks me up.

This one too.

As the photo session was taking place, Savannah found a hole that had been dug out on the beach and thought it was very neat.

The Fam.
This is Savannah doing "SuperBaby"

This is one of my faves.

This one can see her footprints to the right.

If we let her, she would have just kept on walking.


This is one of Lynn's favorites.

Savannah went crazy when the planes would fly over....

This is another of Lynn's faves.

We were trying to get a pic of us 3, and Sav was way too busy.