Friday, May 30, 2008

Beach Trip '08, Pt. 4: Dinner at the Marina

We went to eat at the Oyster Bar Marina and Restaurant Thursday night so Savannah could see the boats go down the canal.
She was sleepy and wanted to get down....

Until the grilled cheese showed up.

I was recommending something off of the menu to Sav.

Random picture that Lynn took. She likes to take lots of random pictures.

Proof that Savannah is Lynn's daughter....this is her dipping everything on her plate into ranch dressing.



Ready to go walk!!Off to the boats....
Sav and Mommy

Savannah made friends at dinner. We ran into them the next day at the Blue Angel Practice also.
This guy has good taste....LSU flags hanging from a boat called "Moondance." Matt will appreciate. Lynn and I like to look at the names of the are a few.
I guess.

I'm sure.
Keep on smilin'.
(Dad, Matt, and Craig will understand. Anyone else that gets it, give yourself 10 points.)

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