Sunday, March 01, 2009

More Snow Pics from 3.1.09

We just thought there was good snow at 8 a.m.

After we came in from the first trip, the bottom fell out and we got at least an additional 3 inches. Here are Lynn, Savo, and the kitty watching out the window.

After watching for about 30 minutes, Savo decided it was time to go back out.
I had no complaints.

Little footprints.

The neighbors decided it was time for a snowman. In this pic, it was already taller than Savo.

Savo, snowman, and Sadie (the dog).

The finished snowman letting his makers know how he feels about them with his right hand.

Here are a couple of photogenic shots from the back porch.

Snow 3.1.09

Finally, some decent snow in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Here are me, Lynn, and Savo venturing out for a few minutes. The wind chill was around 17 at this point, so we didn't stay out long.


Lynn and Savo holding the coveted snowball

Savo making her handprints.

Here is Savo using her butt to clean the snow off of the slide.

After we came in, another snow band hit hard and whitened everything up again.