Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Savannah in Buhl

Last Saturday, Savannah went out and spent the day with Granmaam and Pawpaw Mason while Lynn was at work (tax season) and I was at a funeral (long story). Sav went out and played in the flowers and Granmaam took some really good pictures of her. Just thought I would share them.

Savannah is doing her best to talk. After the normal baby "babble" for a while, all of a sudden she is apparently trying to go into public speaking. Words that we are doing really well with: "daddy" "momma" shoe" "ding dong" (this one comes after she rings the doorbell), "moo", "bye bye" and my favorite "doo doo." Mommy gets mad when we say that one. I will attempt to get some video of it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Christmas Pics from 2007

Here are a few more X-Mas pics that i promised. Yes, I know I am slacking with the blog. And yes, I know that it is February. Just enjoy.

The carnage....we tend to overdo it sometimes.
Savannah got a new Dora the Explorer chair from her Granmomma. It is a big hit. I guess it is somewhat scary that Savannah doesn't even know who it is and she likes it anyway. By the time she is five, we will probably have Dora sculptures in the house, along with the Dora refrigerator and matching pink stove. Don't forget dora gas logs for a beautiful pink flame and a hand painted Dora likeness for the living room wall.
Sav got her first personalized baby bracelet for X-Mas.
Oh yeah....mommy got one too.
The Dora car from Poppa Gary and Granny D. This one is a big hit also.
The traditional take a picture of us ourselves photo. We enjoy it way too much.
Sav and Granmomma during her holiday visit from Panama. Sav is having one of her last "baba's".
We were really serious when opening the gifts.

Here is Lynn, Sav, and the kitty keyboard. The cat's mouth is actually piano keys. Pretty funny.
Savannah got this puzzle and thought you were supposed to sit on it.