Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Savannah in Buhl

Last Saturday, Savannah went out and spent the day with Granmaam and Pawpaw Mason while Lynn was at work (tax season) and I was at a funeral (long story). Sav went out and played in the flowers and Granmaam took some really good pictures of her. Just thought I would share them.

Savannah is doing her best to talk. After the normal baby "babble" for a while, all of a sudden she is apparently trying to go into public speaking. Words that we are doing really well with: "daddy" "momma" shoe" "ding dong" (this one comes after she rings the doorbell), "moo", "bye bye" and my favorite "doo doo." Mommy gets mad when we say that one. I will attempt to get some video of it.

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