Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Tuscaloosa News Rocks!

Below is an ad that is on the Tuscaloosa News' website. Just so you know, "Gracie" is a movie about a girl that plays soccer (a childrens movie). "Knocked Up" is a comedy about a young woman that has a one night stand and gets pregnant (I think). Put together, you get the following:

Gracie Knocked Up (R)
6/2/07 - 6/12/07

Cobb TheatresHOLLYWOOD 16248-8248 . Skyland Blvd. & Hwy 69GRACIEKNOCKED UP (R)MR. BROOKS (R)BUG (R)PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN AT WORLD'S END (PG-13)SHREK THE THIRD (PG)SPIDER-MAN 3 (PG-13)DISTURBIA (PG-13)Advanced tickets available at
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To see the actual listing, click the following link and scroll to the bottom:

I found it entertaining. Then again, maybe I am sick.

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