Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busy and Sick

It has been quite a while since the last post, so i will try to bring everyone up to speed. Basically, Lynn and I cannot get well. Give the all the credit to the germs of daycare or whatever; in any event, one of us is always sniffing or coughing, running a fever, suffering from a headache, or is nursing a sore throat.

At the time this post is being written, Lynn gets the ""sickest of the day" award. She is probably going to have to have surgery to clear out a portion of her sinuses that are entirely stopped up. For this procedure, she has been told that she will only have to miss one week of work. She is very excited.

Meanwhile, I have had a nerve block on my neck and upper back area for a nagging neck problem that has been bothering me over the past year or so. The doctors have told me it is a football related injury that has progressed over time. It has only been two days since I had it, so the results are pending.

The little girl is doing much better since she had tubes put in her ears. Oh yeah, Savannah needed tubes for her ears because they were stopped up and were continously causing infection elsewhere. We were seriously going to the doctor's office twice a week for a while....not including mine and Lynn's trips. Since the tubes were installed, she has only had a few coughs and some runny noses, and her balance has improved tremendously. She is trying very hard to stand and walk and cannot wait to be able to chase the cat.

Currently, we are accepting donations to cover the multiple $35.00 co-payments for each doctor visit. Just make the check out to "Tuscaloosa Pediatrics" and "MedCenter South."

Here are some pics from the past month or so.

Me and Sav on gameday. Geaux Tigers!!

New favorite food: cheesy poofs.
Cartman would be proud.

This is a newly developed sleeping position by Savannah. This happened one Saturday morning after she had breakfast. You are probably saying to yourself how cruel we are to let her sleep like this. The problem was that everytime we sat her up, she woke up and got mad at us for messing with her. She stayed like this for almost an hour.
Savannah also likes to sleep on every area of her bed at night.
Always chewing on something. Nice bib!
Lynn, Momma Mason, and I took Savannah out to the quad for the Bama-Arkansas game. I gave in and allowed the outfit since the entire rest of my family, my wife, and my in-laws are Bama fans (I would've had some help here if Matt did not live in San Antonio).

Here is Savannah and Baylor (a.k.a. Fancy)But seriously, which cheerleading outfit is cuter? Even Lynn admits it. She is coming around.

After we got home from the tailgate, Savannah escaped her mother with no diaper.

Rough day on campus.....Tigers win; Bama wins; time for bed.

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