Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome to Your Thirties, Matt

A big shout out to my brother today, who enters the world of being 30 (30 on the 30th... extra special). Happy Birthday!! I warned him that being thirty brings many changes including parts of your body that either malfunction or just straight-up stop working. In about a week, I will enjoy having my tonsils removed since they have decided that they are going to flare-up every one-two months rendering me unable to talk or swallow for about a week at a time. I have been informed that this procedure, while simple, will leave me pitifully lying in bed for a week or more, while children that have it done are playing on the monkey bars after two days. Combine this with a definite upper back and neck surgery sometime in the future, and that gives my little brother a good idea of what I am talking about.

Even a better case-in-point, my good buddy Ron Smith has a laundry list of surgeries he has enjoyed since his 30th birthday, including a surprise visit to the surgical table just this past weekend. Friday night, Ron began experiencing some pain by what he thought might be indigestion, followed by 8 hours of violent vomiting and dry-heaving. A few hours after that on Saturday morning, Ron checked into the local hospital and was asked to choose a Doctor that would remove his appendix that afternoon. That SSSSUUUUUUCCCCKKKKSSSSSSS!!!

In the words of Bruce, welcome to the party pal. Happy Birthday Matt!! Get Well Soon Ron!!!

Note** This picture was used with the full consent of one of my best friends, Mr. Ron Smith. Any reproduction of this picture for commercial use or black mail purposes is prohibited.

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