Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Adult Guide to Tonsillectomy, Adenoid Removal, and Septoplasty

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First of all, it is as bad as everyone warns. When my ENT told me I would be out of work for 10 days to 2 weeks to have my tonsils taken out, I honestly believed him to be kidding. He was not. This is a quick rundown of my surgery and what I had done......

The tonsils have been giving me problems off and on for the past year. They flare up, get infected, and cause massive amounts of discomfort to the point that at times, I could not eat or talk. This has happened about 6 times in the past 365 days. One such occasion had me go to the ENT for a steroid shot so I could sing at a show the following night. My doc made the suggestion that I have them cut out. The deviated septum was a problem that we talked about 6 months ago and something that he could take care of when the tonsils were cut. I agreed to all of it until he told me I would be out of work for two weeks. I mean seriously....who can take off two whole weeks from their job?

Apparently, if something is hurting you bad enough, anyone can. So here I am....6 days post-op with a report from my beautiful bedroom. I figured it was one of those deals where they told you you would be out of work for 10-14 days, but in reality you might be out 5 or 6. I can tell you that today is day 6 and going back on day 7 is not looking good. There are two main issues that are rather important in being able to work.....breathing and talking. I am struggling with both. The breathing problem is a luxury of having the septoplasty done the same time I had my tonsils taken out. The huge freakin stints that are in my nose are scheduled to come out tomorrow, so that will help. But then talking is very uncomfortable. Shortly after saying just a few words, the wonderful sensation of having box-cutting razor blades sliding around in the back of your throat hits you. The minutes that follow this are hell, and there is really nothing you can do about it at that point (numbing liquids are prohibited...chloraseptic, etc.) So doing a large amount of talking is just not an option. I have had a pen and paper handy to write messages to Lynn and anyone who required more than a simple "yes" or "no."

Oh yeah.....and I have lost some weight. My diet has consisted of this since last Wednesday..... ice water, some tea, chocolate pudding, italian ice, ice cream, milkshakes, and mashed potatoes.
Day 0 weight...... 199lbs
Day 6 morning.... 188lbs


If you are a lucky adult that has to have this wonderful procedure done, here a few tips that might help.
  • Take off two weeks....if you get better sooner and are able to go back early, then great. But don't tell the boss you will be back after 2 or 3 days.
  • Get all of your prescriptions filled before the surgery.... you will not feel like it post-op.
  • Make sure you get all liquid meds from your doc. Swallowing small pills can be done, but there is no need.
  • Don't miss a dose of your pain meds.... you will pay dearly if you do.
  • Stay hydrated. I preferred ice water with small ice chips.
  • Shower regularly.....a warm shower twice a day helped loosen things up in my nose and throat.
  • Stock up on jello and movies.... pudding, jello, ice cream,etc. Italian ice went down good for me.
  • Be prepared to be uncomfortable..... maybe I have just become a big wuss over the years and others get over this with no problem. Or maybe having the nose done with the tonsils was too much. But, I dont think I would change that decision....my philosophy was that if I was going to have to be off for two weeks anyway, why not go ahead.... more bang for the buck too. Either way, you will be uncomfortable. It is not a "restful" experience.

Anyway, that gives you an idea of what the last week has been like around here. I might do a day 7-8 update if there is any major change. Hopefully, I will just be better. Thanks for the cards and the calls. I am fine......I just literally can't talk about it.

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