Friday, October 03, 2008

Trip to Destin with Revon and Traci

On the weekend of September 6 and 7, Lynn, Savannah and I took a trip with Revon and Traci to Destin, Florida where we stayed in an old, vintage house on the bay.

Here are some pics...... we'll start from last night and work our way back.

Out on the pier, there was old boat where Revon and I found some crab traps. The first night, we didn't have any luck. But the second night, the crabs had come to feast on old deli meat and sausage.

This was the biggest one.... Revon swung his shoe at him and he clamped right onto it. All the ladies screamed.

Savannah wanted to play with them.
Sunset our last night.

That little speck they are looking at is a hermit crab that we found on the rocks by the bank.

For some reason while me and Sav were playing at the beach, she decided she wanted to put her legs under my legs and just sit there for a while. It was really sweet.
Cheese puffs!!

Just playing...... the child loves the beach more than anything I believe.

Savo was lierally so excited, she couldn't sleep. The first night, she stayed up until 11:30 and then was up at 5:15 ready to go. She got sleepy as the day wore on, but never got fussy.

This is Lynn and I trying to get a pic of Sav's sunburn (insert bad parent comment here).
While trying to get that pic, Savannah started rolling around and being silly on the bed. About the time i told Lynn she was going to pee on the bed, she did....... on my pillow.
Savannah's new favorite thing (besides the beach) is cake. Here she is devouring a cupcake.

Sav and mommy in front of Stinky's which is an excellent restaraunt on Highway 30-A.

Nana, PeePaw and Savo.

Savo, PeePaw and NaNa dug some big holes and played in the sand.
Savo had sand everywhere and didn't care a bit.

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