Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Greetings from the blog slacker...... welcome to the Christmas pics (or some of them at least). I am pretty disgruntled with blooger right now due to the fact that adding multiple pictures on a post has become quite a hassle (I won't bore you with the details).

Anyway, here is a nice selection of them (Uncle Mack's and Karlyle's v-tech not included in this round).

Our tree.

Savannah helping with the decor.....
and being very excited about it.
Christmas Eve at the Mason's.

Natalie and Savannah.

Santa Claus showed up at the Mason's. This is Santa holding Emily.

Mema and Emily.

Coercing Natalie to go up to Santa Claus, who just happens to be terrified of him, took a Reese's cup.

Me and Savo cleaning out her stocking.
(these big gaps in between the pics are part of the problem with blogger right now).

Savo in her new chair.

Savo got a new tricycle from Uncle Ron...... see response below.

Christmas Morning

The easy bake cupcake oven from Poppa.

Santa brought Savo cake and toys, as requested.

This collage was from Uncle Matt (mack) to dad from their trip to New York. You should have seen the packaging this came in from my brother..... hilarious.

Granmomma's build-a-bunny to Savannah.

The new address plaque, now that the house is officially ours.

Two of the blogs new readers (jaynes and kirkland) will appreciate this....
Traci and revon gave us filets for Xmas.
This is Lynn saying "BBeeeeeeeefffffffffff"

Christmas Afternoon

Drunk cat

The playdoh party

That is all for now...... check back later. And thank you everyone for all of our gifts.

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