Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Barbie Jeep

A couple of months ago, Ron and I went by a garage sale where I found a lovely pink "Camp Barbie" jeep for the ridiculous price of $5. Of course, it came with a charger that didn't work, and even if it did, there was no battery; and included a factory recall full of faulty wiring. I then preceded to call the customer service # located on the back of the jeep and they gave me a number of a guy in Northport that fixed the wiring issue and could sell me a battery. One trip to the Appliance Connection later, and we had a safe, fully operational barbie jeep.

Barbie Jeep...... $5.00
Battery............. $40.00
Re-wiring......... $no charge (factory recall warranty-awesome)

Savannah and Natalie took turns real well. Don't let the picture mislead you; there was no need for pushing. It runs good.

Here is the Barbie Jeep expert giving instructions.

Missing a headlight. But hey, it was $5. And look at that smile.

$45.00 well spent.
I'm thinking about starting a used Barbie Jeep dealership.


deborah said...

who did you call about the wiring situation?

Charity said...

Savannah and Natalie look great on the barbie Jeeps. This is for sure a great way to have the children be part of the whole Jeep experience. For the used Barbie Jeep shop, go ahead its a nice idea.