Sunday, August 02, 2009

Osborn Beach Trip, July, 2009

Here are a few pics from the short Osborn beach trip for this summer. Lynn, Savannah and I went with some of the Osborn crew to meet the Osborn crew from DC in Panama City, Florida. We did not take as many pics as we should have. For more pics and videos (including Savannah finding the lost shaker of salt), check out

This is what the view from the 28th floor looks like from Tidewater Beach Resort in PCB.

Matt (Uncle Mac) and Baby Carter

Everyone knows these two.

Savannah and Karlyle watching "Space Chimps" (which was the only childrens movie left in the DVD vending machine). They didn't complain.

Lynn's firework photography from the 4th. The fireworks were actually exploding below us since we were on the 28th floor. Strange perspective.

Here are Savannah and Poppa watching the race. Poppa is explaining that when the cars start running slow, that they have to have new tires. Savannah picked up on that very fast.

Ready for the beach

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