Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3 Week Hangover

For the past three weeks, LSU has successfully made me and my brother much older. It started with a come from behind victory over Florida, followed by a less-than-motivated outing against Kentucky (not to mention probably being very sore after the Florida fiasco), leading up to the ultimate ending against Auburn. As to the decision to throw the prayer in the end zone rather than run to the middle of the field to set up the straight field goal attempt, I will default to mine and my brothers text message conversation after the game. Since we can't watch the games together, we typically exchange a few hundred text messages throughout the duration of the game. It went something like this......

Matt: no way that just happened.
Derek: Unreal!!!!
M: wow
D: you have to be kidding me
M: most screwed up thing i've ever seen
D: amazing......is les smart or crazy?
M: both I think.

Enough said. Next stop, Tuscaloosa. Geaux Tigers.

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