Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Year Old!

On October 18, Miss Savannah turned 1 year old. She had her birthday party at Granmaam and Paw Paw Mason's house on Saturday, October 20. Here are a few pics.....I will put up more as they come in. Thanks to Granmaam, Ron, and Mark who took most of the pictures....I was running the video camera.

By the way, as many of you know, Lynn and I are looking for a bigger home as our collection of toys and various child items continues to expand out of control. Due to the many gifts Savannah received, this move needs to take place soon. So, if you know anyone looking for a great three bedroom, two bath garden home priced to sell in a quiet neighborhood, please let us know. And thank everyone for the beautiful gifts for Sav. She is a very loved little girl.

The Icing Princess
Me and Savannah
The Family (notice all of the icing on Lynn's shirt)
Savannah really didn't know what to do with the cake at first. So cousin Natalie crawled in to lend a hand.

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