Monday, November 26, 2007

Bye Bye Baja

Just a few updates since the LSU-Bama game, which seems like it was ages ago. Since then, LSU has been impressively under-motivated and has seemingly squandered a chance at a National Championship. However, some Bama fans I know would argue that their team has done worse having not won a game since, and lost to another team in Louisiana. I haven't seen any "Saban is God" pictures depicting him walking on water lately. Note to Bama fans: Saban is a good coach, but he is not invincible. He did get beat while at LSU, namely to UAB and to Iowa in his final game as LSU head coach. He is good, but beatable, as is anyone in college football these days. Give him a chance, and he will pay off; although I admit, $4 Million a year is a lot to pay to lose to La-Monroe. I would have done it for a lot less.

So, I sold one of my prized possesions......the Baja. The problem with it, which was the only problem with it, was that I never drove it. I have a company vehicle now and all the lonely Baja got was an occasional trip to Food World. No matter what your opinion of the vehicle is, it was honestly one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. I definitely miss it.

Here is the crazy part: I listed it on, which I recommend, and it sold within three weeks. The couple that bought it live in Missouri, drove down to pick it up, stayed in a hotel, paid cash, and gave me asking price. Nice. And even better, I actually made a little money on the vehicle, which i have never, ever done. So the baja chapter unfortunately ended, but it ended well. Here are some memorial pics:

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