Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moving Update

We are officially moved into the new house. What a weekend. I need to thank a few people for their hard work and making this renovation and move happen......

Thank you Revon and Traci Bigham. There is NO WAY this house would have been ready for us to move in to without their help. They are still coming over everyday to give us a hand with decorating and getting everything put into place.

Thank you Ronnie and Linda who have kept Savannah when we have been very busy trying to get this place ready. They have also helped with moving and folding clothes, putting up fixtures, etc.

Thank you Ron Mason who helped us move and did a lot of small jobs that really added up.

Thank you to my old buddy, Chris Turner, whose painting company changed everything about this house.

Thanks to RC Smith who helped move and did some cleaning for us.

Thanks dad (G.O.) who helped move and gave a lot of advice on things that had to be done on this house.

Thanks to my wife who finished tax season only to get thrown into one hell of a project and has worked her butt off to make this house beautiful. I Love You.

And thanks to everyone else who gave us a hand. The following companies were hired to do numerous things to get us into this house and they all did outstanding jobs. I highly recommend them. They are: Turner plumbing, Dave's plumbing, Rice Floor and Tile, C&B Irrigation, Premiere Service, CLT (Turner) Painting, Spiller Furniture, DC Scientific, and Bigham Construction. are some pics. When we get everything set up and fixed, i will put some before and after pics up. Until then, here are the "before."

The foyer....the wood looks like it might have some water damage. I wish that was what it was.
The kitchen.....nice wallpaper. There was some left in the attic if anyone is interested.
The dining room. Again, lovely wallpaper and border. Sorry...I did not find any extra of this.
The flooring in the kitchen.....not very well taken care of.
A close-up of the floor in the foyer.....this is what termites in a hardwood floor look like.

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