Friday, April 25, 2008


Wow...has it been a crazy few weeks. On or around March 28, I received a phone call from a lady interested in our house. After she asked how much we were asking for the house, she asked if we would consider renting it. My response, as it has been to about ten other people, was "probably not." Then she asked me if I would reconsider if she would sign a 2 1/2 year lease. My response then was "let me speak to my wife." To make a long story short, we decided to rent it to her and we immediately had to find a place to live. We had to be out in 30 days.

And we did find a house, in the neighborhood that we wanted to be in, at a good price. There were only a few catches......the house was trashed, needed a crapload of work, was a foreclosure which means lots of fun legal stuff (I needed Matt here really bad), and figure out how to close and get all the work done within roughly 20 days. All things considered, we have done pretty well with the renovations and we are closing today.

When we get moved in and I reestablish internet service, I will post a few more details and some before and after pics. The house is much bigger for our mounting collection of toys and just happens to be on a small pond. Bring your fishin' pole.

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