Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pam and Mark Visit for Lynn's Birthday

Finally, after months of hiatus, Pam and Mark decided they would come to Tuscaloosa (and Buhl and Samantha) and actually visit their relatives. To be honest, I don't blame them for the frequency of their travel. Hauling a baby to a from Cartersville, Georgia is very tiring. We have done it twice, and it was quite exhausting.

Anyway, Lynn's birthday was on the 12th, and Pam and Mark and Natalie decided to come visit the weekend before. We were confused as to why they would come then only to have to turn around and come back for Easter. It ends up that Pam had a gift for Lynn that couldn't wait..... It was a stick.

But not just any stick.......(notice the look on the babies faces)

Yes, Pam is pregnant.

And no, it was not necessarily planned. But everyone is very happy nonetheless. And yes, I feel for Mark. In 8 months they will have a newborn and an 18 month old. You are a better man than me my friend. And no, there is no pressure on me or my lovely wife to have another one right away, so there is no need to mention it.

After the announcement was made, we had some fun with the existing babies in the tub. Here are some pics. Congrats Pam and Mark!

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