Sunday, March 16, 2008

Playhouse Disney Live!

On Sunday, March 16, Lynn, Savannah, and I went to see some of Savannah's favorite characters as part of Playhouse Disney Live. It was held at the concert hall at the BJCC in Birmingham. If you are not familiar with Playhouse Disney, fear not. Neither was I 17 months ago. It is basically a 24 hour animation network for kids. It includes Mickey Mouse of course with all of his crew, Tigger and Pooh (new spin on the classic, but at least true to it), Little Einsteins (group of kids who fly in their rocket ship to visit all of the earth's sights while playing classical music....seems educational), and Handy Manny (a hispanic carpenter).

One of Lynn's wishes for her birthday was to take Savannah to the concert. I was concerned that maybe she was too young and wouldn't know what was going on. I really didn't know if she would make it through the whole thing either. But was I wrong.......she never missed a word. She smiled and laughed almost the entire time. It was really fun to watch her. The hot dog dance is her favorite. I have some video that is being stubborn and does not want to post that I will try to get on later.

This is Savannah's sign language for "more." Whenever she eats or drinks something and she wants more, she makes this sign. At the Playhouse Disney Concert, she made this sign when Mickey went off the stage. More Mickey please.

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Steve said...

Yes, we are too familiar w Playhouse Disney, the Wiggles, etc. Don't ya love it when those songs pop in your head at random? Glad to see your beautiful family growing!! Great pics. (We didn't scan or copy any....yet) Love ya guys, see ya in Bama sometime. Steve and the other Masons