Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekend of July 4th, 2008 (and a lot of pics)

So, again, I have been slacking with posts on the blog....I admit. But listen; I had surgery right after the 4th and have been out of commission......ok? (See tonsillectomy post below). Recovery was not as easy as i had planned, although I was warned. Now, 3 1/2 weeks later, I am still not completely healed which baffles me. I used to get over surgery, or illness, or any ailment quite quickly. But I guess we all did. One thing is for sure... I am not 18 anymore.

Meanwhile, Savannah is talking up a storm. She can pretty much repeat anything that is said (which you have to be very careful with), and is singing the "ABC" song and "Happy birthday." She just missed having the Happy Birthday song ready for Irene's 90th Birthday. The other night, just out of nowhere, she popped up after her bath and began running around the room screaming "I naked!!" Lynn was able to get the video camera and catch some of that action which was great. Also, one night while I was feeding her, I was wearing an LSU t-shirt which Savannah pointed at and said "Go Tigers........rrrraaaaaaarrrhhhhh!" Freakin hilarious. Her teachers at school are very complimentary of her vocabulary.

On to activities: For the weekend of the 4th, Mark, Pam and Natalie came to visit. Here are some pics at our house and the Mason house in Buhl.

Anytime she can touch the water, she will. She actually got as far as an entire shoe being submerged before I caught her.
Time for tea: Savannah arranges chairs for the tea party.
Or maybe it was an egg and shovel party.

Savannah likes the big fan at Pawpaw and Granmaam's.

Walking with Pawpaw.
Pawpaw is showing Savannah the pretty flowers, which she quickly picked and ran. Pawpaw tried to explain that those that he planted were not for picking. It was entertaining.
A couple of months ago, Pawpaw Mason built the grandchildren a new swingset under the big tree beside the deck. Savannah and Natalie have been pretty happy with it.

Lynn, Savannah, Mark, Pam, Natalie, and I went on an excursion to the mall that weekend. When Savannah saw the toy plane, there was no escape. Here she is about to stand up to do a stunt with Natalie riding in the safety position... on top of the wing.
Thats better.

The "more" signal followed after every ride. $12 in quarters later, we walked around the rest of the mall.

Savannah in her floatie shark.
Savannah, Natalie, and Ava Lee in the little pool.

This is Natalie playing with dishes at our house.
The "kiss" at dinner.
After dishes, it was time to ride horses and rock rock.

The sneaky face..... Savannah about to open a drawer that she knows is a "no no."

Sav is showing off her new bathing suit that mommy got her.
Notice the tag flying in the breeze.
She was saying, " I da pool!!"

After a long day, it was time for a bath.....
and a drink of water.
I especially like Natalie's hair in this one.

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