Sunday, August 03, 2008

Irene's 90th Birthday Party

My grandmother, Irene (a.k.a. Big I or Sexy I) recently turned 90 and had a big party at Mountain Cove in Gadsden, Alabama. My brother Matt flew in for the party from DC. It was really great to see him and everyone that was at the party, including my cousin Benji whom I haven't seen in well over ten years.

I would give you a rundown, but you just can't beat Matt's write up of the event on his blog; so I suggest you go there:

Here are a few of my favorite pics........

This one is priceless.

So is this one.

All of Irene's grandchildren.... been a long time since we have all been together.
L-R Benji, Kendall, me, Ashley, Slade, and Matt

The girls having cake.
Irene and the great grandchildren.

This is cousin Claude (big time attorney in Tuscaloosa) directing traffic and telling others what to do. (He will love this comment).

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