Sunday, August 31, 2008

Georgia Trip, Sav Walks in Her Moms Shoes, Baby Impressions, a Shower and a Baby Shower

But not necessarily in that order.

Savannah tries to walk in her mommy's shoes for the first time.
I really like this pic.
Pam's baby shower (delivery tentatively set for Nov. 3)

Linda and Mary Ellen
Savannah's new favorite thing to do is take a shower (besides repeating everything you say).

This is Savannah's impression of the Joker..... the joker paint was taken from a hot pink cupcake.
Here she is trying to paint my face.
Lynn and I thought these pants were cute.... Sav was saggin.
Pretty dang cute.

This was our trip to Aunt Pam and Uncle Mark's house in Cartersville, Georgia. We were walking around a fountain outside of a restaraunt waiting to be seated.

While in Cartersville, we were treated to an outing to the local redneck beach. Very entertaining. Savannah and Natalie had a great time. All of the adults enjoyed the scenery. See below.

Below is just one of the "entertaining" things we witnessed.
Two kids... maybe ages 8 and 10? Pretty normal, right?

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