Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Big "Thank You"

Saturday night, Sept. 30, Traci Bailey and Revon Bigham, Gary and Denise Osborn, Ronnie and Linda Mason, and Richard and Mary Ann Phillips threw us a huge couples baby shower at Traci's home on Lake Tuscaloosa.

We received so many beautiful things for our baby girl and we appreciate everyone who attended and gave all of the wonderful gifts.

Notably, I especially want to thank Traci and Revon for all of the work they did for this event. If you were not able to attend, they went above and beyond for one of the best showers I have ever seen (not that I frequent showers, but seriously, this was NICE.) I will post pictures very soon, after I collect from all of the professional photographers that attended.

I also want to thank my dad, Gary, for helping set up and coordinate everything between all of the families, and the awesome gumbo. Thank you to Lynn's mom, Linda, for all of her work with the invitations and the dip, and bringing multiple outfits to our house for Lynn to choose from since she is unable to shop these days. Thank you to Ronnie Mason for the artistic, highly visible signs that led everyone to the party, and the many things he has done for us. Thanks also to Richard, and my mom, Mary Ann for making the trip from Fairhope and helping me around the house this weekend.

BIG SURPRISE......on Friday, I had multiple errands to run around town to get ready for the weekend events. Dad ask me to go to lunch since I was in town, and I met him at the dealership around 11:00 am. He told me he had to wait a few minutes on a guy that was suppose to bring him a check. While I was sitting in the showroom, a familiar SUV from Texas pulled up. My brother Matt and his family Kerrie, Morgan, and Karlyle (with Mr. Pig) arrived. It was a well kept secret that was very well organized in order to not make Lynn and I suspicious. They left San Antonio at 9:30 pm Thursday night and arrived in Tuscaloosa around 10:00 am Friday morning. I had no clue. I definitely want to thank them for making the trip and for being a part of this weekend with us. It was also Matt's 10 year reunion at Hillcrest High School.

Thanks also to Mark and Pam (Lynn's sister) for making the trip from Cartersville, Ga. For those of you that are interested, there will be a nice, brand new Alabama cheerleading outfit on ebay later today.

And the biggest thank you to my wife, Lynn, who presently has endured five and a half weeks of bed rest due to blood pressure problems. If I appeared to be stressed out at the shower, it is because I was. There was a point during the evening that I had decided I was going to have to take her home. Luckily, the BP leveled out, and she was able to visit with everyone for a short time.

check back soon for pics.......and vote for Doster McMullen on November 7th!!

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