Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Couples Baby Shower 9/30/06

Saturday night, September 30th, Traci Bailey and Revon Bigham hosted a couples shower for our little girl at their home at Lake Tuscaloosa. Here are a few pics.......

Karlyle and Kaley find the cake.

Karlyle saving some cake for later, on her face.

The brothers beautiful brides.

Matt and Kerrie about the big surprise on the post below.

Lynn in training with Mary Hollis, Brian and Pasha McAbee's new addition.

Mark and Pam are in training also; Mark looks excited.

Momma Mason getting ready for baby.

Momma Mason, Lynn, Mema, and Aunt Poo.

Traci, Gabrielle, Susan Mc., and Mary Hollis

Picture of the perfect and baby clothes.

Leigh Anne tells a funny joke about accounting.

Doster McMullen kissing babies on the campaign trail.

The mother-to-be on the party couch.

An item that will be on ebay soon....thanks Pam.

Ronnie trying to settle Lynn and the blood pressure down.

Mary Hollis was probably more tired than anyone. She was passed around all night. Here she is with Amanda Case.

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