Wednesday, October 04, 2006

JMF Shower

On Tuesday, October 3, employees of Jamison Money Farmer gave Lynn and Angela Hammiter a baby shower at Indian Hills Country Club. Below are a few pics....

Thank you to everyone at JMF for being so supportive during Lynn's pregnancy. I think everyone that works there has offered to bring food or do something to help during the bedrest. You will never know how much we appreciate it.

The moms, still baking the bundles of joy.

The hostesses ( and host) with the expecting moms.

The hostesses and one studly host.

Carly, Susan, and Nicole Kidman.

Hank talking to Susan about political strategy for Doster's campaign and how kissing babies is important for the future of Tuscaloosa county's tax assessments.

Stacie explains which stuff is Lynn's and which is Angela's.
"Put Lynn's stuff over here by Nicole Kidman."

Juanita and the couch girl.

The beautiful cake.

Tracie and Pasha discussing motherhood while taking in a cold, adult beverage.

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